Is Hamilton The New Brooklyn? 

Well first of all lets just say it up front ... Hamilton folks have always been proud of being Hamilton folks being compared with a  borough of New York City doesn't sit easily with people around here.      However the…

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Whats Your New York Story Canada?


When I brought the songs that would become New York Stories back from the Big Apple it took a lot of polishing and crafting before the material was ready to record. First I played the material for audiences across…

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Tour Life

I am not one of those artists that resents going out on the road. In fact I embrace it with a passion.  

Touring is a fantastic way to see and hear the big wide world.  

When I started…

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City Of A Million Stories

New York is famously described as a city with a million stories.    

Of course, like so many folks, the books I'd read about New York, ( El Doctorow's Ragtime, Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's and Patti Smith's Just Kids…

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   The New York Story  

So, we've made #1 twice with the same song thanks to you guys. Amazing! Making music is never a sure thing. You just have to do it and hope that someone else likes it. OR just do it and not…

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Romance in New York City 

Long walks through Central Park in the cool crisp air of autumn with the leaves changing colours.  

The magic of a wintery day with whole city slowed down by the snow.   

Springtime with the possibility of new…

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 The Making Of The New York Story Duet  

        It was deep winter. A furious blizzardy day in Toronto when Jackie Richardson came up to the studio to cut the vocal for "New York Story". But the warmth of Jackie's voice would melt a polar ice cap and you…

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Christmas In Harlem!

 New York is a surprisingly friendly city, and never more so than during the holidays. In fact when she's all dressed up for Christmas New York feels like one big glittering X mas tree giving a lift to the spirit…

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What Are You Listening To This Season?  

 Being a working musician I used to dread being asked to perform X mas material. Growing up Jewish, I wasn't familiar with the repertoire and always felt like an imposter when I had to perform seasonal songs.  

I simply didn't…

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Forever Frank

You can't be a guy who sings jazz and not contend with Frank. You can try but you can't get around him :)

Sinatra cuts a huge a swath through the American Songbook, bending and shaping the songs to suit…

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The Jewel Of Harlem

While writing "New York Stories" I was inspired by a number of the legendary music venues in the Big Apple. Of course top of the list is the Apollo Theatre, perhaps the most enduring and legendary of them all!  Located…

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This is it folks! May 5th we release "New York Stories" worldwide! We couldn't have made this CD without your participation. The audiences told us which songs were strongest, the audience helped fund the project and now if youpre-order the…Read more