I've always been inspired by cover tunes. But when I was composing the songs that would become "New York Stories" I felt a special kind of inspiration from the city's musical energy all around me. In fact the musical history…Read more

The Making Of Harlem Moon (part 2)

Casting the special guest stars for our little film noir video of the new single "Harlem Moon" was actually a little too easy. We all felt that the couple I am "stalking" in our story had to be so striking…

The Making Of The "Harlem Moon" Video

"The Idea"

Cowriter JP Saxe and I had initially conceived of the song as a ballad but once my trio (Russ Boswell and Daniel Barnes and Michael Shand) began working on the arrangement we developed a more intense voodoo groove,…Read more

"Sunday In New York"

 Waking up to strong coffee, fresh bagels and The New York Times, taking a leisurely walk in the park before an afternoon matinee, having a bite in a cafe before hitting a cabaret or jazz club; for our "…Read more

Jazz as a Living Art Form

So much of the music we hear in the Jazz genre is made by of musicians and artists trying to recreate the music of another era or of an already existing sound. This is understandable in many ways, as audiences…Read more


One of the most important musical landmarks in New York City is the Brill Building where in the 50's and 60's a small army of ambitious teenagers competed with each other to write the next million seller for Elvis, The…Read more


Welcome to my brand new site. A much better way for me to share my world with you. To start off on this first of my weekly blogs I'm going to list the top 5 things you should experience on…Read more